First and foremost, training for cycling should be enjoyable. Notice I didn't necessarily say 'fun'. None of us particularly LOVE training. It's a necessary evil and it's hard work. We enjoy cycling and because we want to improve we are willing to work hard at times for that improvement. It's this hard work and the benefits that come from it that makes all the other times on the bike much more enjoyable and FUN.

Even with the best laid training plans, however, if it's not enjoyable you probably won't last a month. But, by setting and achieving goals you'll get enjoyment and satisfaction from your training. Coupled with a variety of workouts and you'll never feel 'bored' on the bike.

With that said, our training principles have an emphasis on quality over quantity. Workouts are designed to progressively overload the body while allowing adequate recovery to maximize gains. The entire program is based around your goals, timing the proper peak for your target events.

As a rider, we feel it's important for you to pick a coach that is in your local area so that you can meet face to face at times for evaluation. Anonymous internet coaching can leave out many important details. By getting together for testing or occasional rides, we are able to evaluate your riding style, position and form and make corrections or prescribe workouts to help correct any deficiencies.

Finally, with our personalized training plans, there is a focus on making the most of the time spent training. For those of you with full-time jobs and a family, you'll find you really can become fit while working around your other commitments.

Contact us today. Let us show you how to work towards your goals with the most efficient training possible.