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Patapsco Bike and Sport is a premier bicycle shop, located in Mount Airy, MD. We carry a wide selection of Mountain, Road, Specialty and Family bikes for any and all occasions.

Blue Mountain Apothecary offers a Nutritional Assessment, a review of your caloric needs based on your sport, along with recommendations for Protein/Carb/Fat and appropriate supplements to optimize your game.


1. Starts with an Interview (about 2-hours, on-site or via phone; can occur in 1-2 sessions) to discuss:
a. Medical History – post & current health conditions; injuries, surgeries, etc.
b. Athletic History – high school, college, post-college
c. Medications & supplements – interactions, depletions; appropriate dosing.
d. Diet – Food preferences, Food avoidances; preferred proteins, carbs, fats; (General info; will get specifics on Food Chart)
e. Digestive Pattern – any sensitivities, bowel pattern
f. Allergies & Sensitivities
g. Immune Function
h. Hair-Skin-Nail Conditions
i. Sleep Pattern, Issues
j. Energy Pattern: Daily, weekly, seasonally; stamina
k. Hormonal Balance –
l. Stressors vs. De-stressors – chronic vs. acute; business, family, colleagues, GameTime, etc.
m. Recovery Strategy – successes vs. failures

2. Workout & Training Schedules (email charts) reviews, along with any posted Games, Tours, Etc. We need to discuss past, present & future performance, goals, time lines. Describe accomplishments. How do you measure success? How do you measure failure? What has worked for you in the past? What has not worked? Describe “best” performance vs “worst” performance.

3. Food charting; need 3-5 days of average daily meals to make initial assessment of your current Caloric load. As we proceed, we will need additional charting to monitor changes. Don’t make this labor intensive; keep it simple.

4. BIA – BioImpedance Analysis ($85 for first evaluation; $35 thereafter) – We will have you complete a BIA on some regular schedule (every 3-6 weeks) to monitor changes in % body fat, inter- & intra- cellular hydration, lean body weight, early detection of tissue toxicity.

Based on your assessment, workout program, and your stated goals, we will make recommendations to include:
a. Dietary Changes (Proteins-Carbs-Fats, Caloric goals); food choices;
b. Hydration goals
c. Workout goals
d. Stress Management
e. Optimize Recovery
f. Optimize Supplements

FOLLOW-UP: ($85/Hr) – includes…
a. Emails – limitless And FREE! Whatever you might need to discuss, daily, weekly.
b. Weekly monitoring of your Food chart & workout performance.
c. Weekly monitoring of your weight chart.
d. BONUS: we offer 10-15% Discount on supplements to our dedicated athletes.